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Villa Metro - Formerly to be named Soledad Village & Piazza Metro  - An innovative new townhome community located in Santa Clarita off of Soledad Road currently in the approval stages. The planning commission gave its final approval. Now Villa Metro has been passed by the Planning commission and City Council to move forward with construction.  

This community of townhomes will feature Santa Clarita's first "live/work" spaces. 22 units will be designated as "live/work" spaces. In these units residents will reside on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the particular building and be given the choice of running their own business out of the first floor, convert it into their own living space, or lease out the space (approx 300 sq ft) to other businesses. There has been nothing like this to date in Santa Clarita and should provide for an exciting community and much nicer scenery as residents of Canyon Country pass by heading east towards that part of town.

The proposed break down of units is as follows: 22 live/work units, 57 rowhouse units, 202 townhome units, and 126 triplex units, all totaling 407 units.

Each unit will have an attached 2 car garage, as well as a patio or balcony ranging from 150-300 sq ft. Common areas will be abundant, with pathways connecting to them. A "Village Green" common area will be the main common area at the center of it all, which will be just part of the 3.3 acres of common area. There will also be 6 access points to public walking trails. The trails available will be the one running along Soledad Canyon Rd, and another that will run along the Santa Clara River. In addition to these conveniences, a pedestrian bridge will be constructed just west of the Villa Metro project and will span across Soledad Canyon Road to provide a great way to easily access the Santa Clarita commuter station for Metro Link and city transportation.

Newhall Land and Farm has also pledged to set aside a certain percentage of these units as designated "work force housing". Those units will be sold at a 10% discount below market price to 1st time buyers with preference given to nurses, law enforcement, and other public service field members.

Two story triplex units will have 3 different floor plans with square footage ranging from 1303-1892 sq ft. Two story townhome units will be developed with 4 different floor plans with square footage ranging from 1263-1513 sq ft.

The theme of the architecture will be spanish and italian. The commercial component of the community will be single story buildings, will a faux second story to give the appearance of a taller structure.

Phase I is planned to start construction in Spring/Summer of 2006, with half of the residential units and commercial component to be completed by Winter of 2007. The second half of the residential units is planned to start construction by February 2007 and be completed by Winter of 2008.  

** UPDATE 6/27/06 - Newhall land has planned to change the name of the community to Villa Metro, as noted above. It was formerly known as Soledad Village and Piazza Metro. Hopefully they stick with this name!

Have a look at some of these other proposed details below:







Proposed View from opposite side of Soledad Canyon Road


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